Playground Assistant/Crossing Guard, 4.25 hrs

Reports to: School Administrator(s)
Crossing Guard Hours: 8:00-8:30am and 3:00-3:30pm
Playground Assistant Hours: 10:30am to 1:45pm (a slight variance may be needed depending upon lunch schedules)
To provide safety of students in transit to and/or from school and supervision of students during lunch and/or assigned recesses to ensure a positive and safe environment; and communicating observations and/or incidents that may impact the general well-being of students and the school community.
1. Assists students, parents, seniors, etc. for the purpose of providing safe access to and from schools.
2. Communicates school policies and enforcement procedures to students, personnel and visitors for the purpose of ensuring their understanding and the potential consequences of violation.
3. Directs students and other pedestrians for the purpose of ensuring their safe access to and from school
4. Intervenes in potentially hazardous situations for the purpose of minimizing injury to involved parties.
5. Maintains equipment (e.g. stop sign, vests, street signs, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring availability of required items
6. Reports observations and/or incidents relating to specific students (e.g. accidents, fights, inappropriate social behavior, violations of rules, etc.) for the purpose of communicating information for follow-up by appropriate instructional and/or administrative personnel.
7. Perform other duties of a similar nature or level.
1. Supervises students at lunchtime and/or playtime and maintains a harmonious atmosphere by encouraging peaceful resolution of conflicts.
2. Circulates throughout the lunch area during mealtime. Helps students by opening packages and milk cartons. Cleans up spills and provides additional assistance as needed.
3. Assists students through the lunch line in an orderly fashion.
4. Insures students are orderly and acting appropriately.
5. Assists in the lunch area clean-up.
6,. Interacts with students to maintain order and provide assistance when needed.
7. Organizes group games and activities as needed.
8. Assumes responsibility for play equipment.
9. Directs movement of students to and from playground, lunch area and classrooms in a safe and organized manner.
10. Assess playground for security and conditions of equipment and reports concerns to Principal.
11. Reports disciplinary and other concerns to the building administrator(s) and/or classroom teacher. Provides assistance for students requiring additional educational guidance.
12. Perform other job-related duties as assigned.
13. Maintains safe environment for students at all times.
14. Responds to emergency situation (injured students, fights, etc) for the purpose of resolving immediate safety concerns.
15. Evaluates student injuries, determines course of actio, performs minor first aid and completes required paperwork in compliance with District policy(ies).
16. Reports safety, sanitary and fire hazards immediately to supervisor.
17. Maintains appropriate training as required.
18. Complies with applicable District, state, local and federal laws, rules and regulations.
19. Professionally represents the school and the District in interactions with parents, community, staff and students.
20. Attends work regularly and is punctual.
Must have a concern for the safety and welfare of children.
Demonstrates the following characteristics: understanding, patience, tact, discretion and high moral standards
Ability to work independently, with minimal supervision and utilizing good time management skills
Must be at least 18 years of age
High school Diploma/GED
Ability to deal effectively with a wide variety of situations and problems
Ability to accurately report incidents
Ability to clearly and diplomatically communicate with the public/students
Must possess stamina to stand for long periods of time, mobility to escort children across streets; ability to work out of doors in all weather conditions and with exposure to traffic; vision to read printed materials and license plates and hearing and speech to communicate in person.
Basic safety rules, basic safe driving rules and procedures and techniques for communicating with children

Don't Be Fooled

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