Hall/Safety Monitor

Terms of Employment: Working Hours are 8am to 3:30pm or as determined by Principal
35.5 hours per week
Personal and sick leave as per ZEA Agreement
Insurance as available per District.
Classification: Hourly/Non-certified
High School Diploma or equivalent
Experience working with middle school school students, preferred
Responsible and dependable.
Ability To: ??? Communicate effectively orally
Work independently
Ability to respond quickly.
Able to stand for most of the work day.
General Responsibilities: The responsibility of the hall/safety monitor is to maintain an effective operation for the prevention of truancy and to keep the school cafeteria ahd halls orderly. The hall/safety monitor must be able to communicate effectively with students and staff, and be able to maintain discipline in all school settings. Make sure that environment is secure and safe. He/She shall observe all district policies appropriate to this position, and except the responsibility of assigned tasks.
Essential Duties:
Primarily in the cafeteria during meal periods: The essential duties of a hall/safety monitor are to watch for and report irregularities such as fire hazards, security doors left unlocked and any unusual activity; regulate pedestrian traffic at the cafeteria's entrances and during all lunch periods to maintain a safe and orderly flow; monitor the halls and surrounding school premises for truancy; check for students' hall passes and tardy slips; direct authorized visitors to their proper destination on campus and monitor unauthorized visitors; record data for the supervisory staff, such as student conflicts or unusual occurrences; report tardiness, truancies and other related incidents to the appropriate school administrator; and perform any other job-related duties as may be designed by the school administrators or designee.
Principal Duties:
1. Supervision of students in cafeteria, in hallways, and other designated school areas as assigned.
2. Patrol the hallways and building ensuring that students have permission and/or a hall pass, while not in class.
3. Monitor students' behavior in the cafeteria.
4. Respond to emergency situations when needed.
5. Performs other student supervisory duties as assigned by the principal or designee.
6. Assist students during emergency evacuations.
7. Report any problems to school administrator(s).
8. Other related duties as assigned.
1. Be very careful when touching the students.
2. Do not yell at, threaten or speak harshly to students.
Working Conditions:
Environment: School site environment

Don't Be Fooled

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